Are you ready to become a BRAVE LADY?

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Learn how to transform your life

  • Re-establish who you are
  • Build your resilience
  • Develop your voice and become assertive
  • Learn to be versatile, adapting quickly and effectively in all situations
  • Take ownership of every aspect of your life, be empowered

"A first-class coach and trainer who actually cares."

When I heard Shirley speaking at events I was impressed with her engaging style of delivery and innovative ideas to motivate people. She has an excellent delivery style, great depth of knowledge and experience, and superb interaction with the participants both virtually and in person. A first-class trainer and coach who is one of the most lively and energetic and someone who actually cares about the people in the room and wants to help them improve and develop. From Shirley’s coaching and

training you will get first-class advice, guidance, and a ‘friend’ for life who will be there to help you at any stage.

Kate McKay, Director AKU Training

Shirley Penney is a speaker, a motivational therapist, and the CEO of the Brave Lady Movement. Shirley’s BRAVE Methodology empowers female entrepreneurs to experience a personal and professional transformation that brings balance, success and fulfillment. Known for her sunny personality, Shirley stays grounded by a practical, systematic approach to challenge and recovery. She motivates each client to aspire to greater things and encourages them on a path to clarity, alignment and great success, ultimately to operating within their zone of genius.

It's your time to weave your life more intentionally and infuse hope, because things are never too tangled and never too late.

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